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Brigitte helps clients navigate health challenges with functional nutritional therapy and mind-body medicine. The goal of nutritional therapy is to address the underlying nutritional root causes of poor health. Combining nutritional therapy with mind-body techniques  provides a comprehensive approach that can effectively address digestive dysfunction, brain dysfunction, blood sugar imbalances, hormone imbalances, allergies and autoimmune issues.


Explore the program options below.

Gut Restoration

Gut health is the seat of overall health. This foundational program helps to improve digestion, restore leaky gut, and balance the gut microbiome. Click to get started.

Metabolic Makeover

This program targets mitochondrial function to support improved metabolism and blood sugar balance. This helps to reduce inflammation, achieve a healthy body weight and boost energy production. Click to get started.

Hormone Harmony

This program is designed to balance the entire neuroendocrine system. It can be customized to help you improve adrenal, thyroid, and/or ovarian function and bring hormonal rhythms back into sync again. Click to get started.

Immune Regulation

This program provides support for proper immune function to help calm an over-reactive immune system that contributes to autoimmunity, allergies, asthma, eczema, and food sensitivities.  Click to get started.

Brain Balancing

This program is custom designed to support the gut-brain-immune axis to help reduce brain inflammation, balance brain chemistry and improve brain function. Click to get started.

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