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What is the No Sugar Challenge?

The 30-day No Sugar Challenge takes you on a 4-week journey out of the cycle of food cravings and sugar addiction. Prep begins August 1st and the No Sugar Challenge launches with workshop on Tuesday, August 3rd at 7 pm CST. You'll get the tools to set yourself up for success to complete the challenge. Learn to tap into your inner resources to make the lasting change you desire. This challenge will give you more energy, mental clarity, and a feeling of control.

Why join the No Sugar Challenge?

✓ Overcome cravings.

Move out of sugar's grip as quickly as possible.

✓ Avoid hidden sugar pitfalls.

Remove hidden sugars and lose the chaos of sugar temptation.

✓ Establish a real food lifestyle.

Nourish your body and transform your relationship with food.

The Best Part? It's Not About Willpower!

Join The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge by July 31st.

This is what's included:

✓ No Sugar Challenge Workshop ($99 Value)

Discover how to set your environment up for success and tap into your outer resources during a 2-hr Zoom Workshop on Tuesday, August 3rd at 7:00 pm CST

✓ No Sugar Challenge e-book ($19 Value)

Download the No Sugar Challenge e-book with guidelines, recipes, and menu ideas.

✓ Inner Resources Workshop ($99 Value)

Regroup mid-month for another 2-hr Zoom Workshop on Tuesday, August 17th at 7:00 pm CST. This workshop will help you tap into your inner strength and courage to finish strong.

✓ Daily Support Emails ($29 Value)

Beginning August 1st get daily emails with tips, strategies, and insights. Direct communication from your nutritional therapist.

✓ Finally Free Coaching Session ($79 Value)

30-minute private coaching session with your nutritional therapist. Breakthrough obstacles with the right guidance and support.

Total Value $325

Today's Special Price $149

Join The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge for $149

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