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Functional Nutritional Therapy

Functional nutritional therapy can help address digestive dysfunction, brain dysfunction, blood sugar imbalances, hormone imbalances, allergies, and autoimmune issues.

The Authentic Table

The Authentic Table is a gathering place for Christian women who are seeking real food solutions for their health challenges. Discover a community where you truly feel at home.

“Brigitte is very knowledgeable about how food affects the whole body. She has helped me decrease bloating, have more energy and lose weight without feeling hungry. Brigitte provides a caring and educational experience. You will not regret working with her.”
- Laura M.

“By working with Brigitte I have expanded knowledge of how to address my autoimmune condition without drugs. She is a patient problem-solver who provides compassionate assistance. The value of her services will save me multiples of what it would cost compared to taking a conventional route.”
- J. F.

From the Blog
What is an elimination diet?

What is an elimination diet?

There are many types of elimination diets. I've personally done a Whole 30 and a Sugar Detox before. I use a basic elimination diet from the Institute of Functional Medicine with my clients. Elimination diets have many benefits. Find out what those benefits are in the...

Natural Headache Remedies

Natural Headache Remedies

In this video I talk about the multi-dimensional aspect of chronic headaches and migraines. I also share my top 3 go-to remedies for headache relief. Here are links to the three items I mentioned: Curcumin 500 (Access code: BFsupplements) Migraine Relief Blue Blockers...

Brain Fog Begins in the Gut

Brain Fog Begins in the Gut

Many people suffer from brain fog to different degrees. You may feel fuzzy headed when you are sick but some people live in a fog constantly. I was one of those people. I didn’t realize how severe my brain fog was until it went away. Brain fog symptoms can include any...

The Truth about Headaches and Our Mood

The Truth about Headaches and Our Mood

This is a guest post by Erin Knight from Engineering Radiance. 3788 American migraineurs were surveyed about their overall health and 59% reported also dealing with depression and while 56% cited anxiety (1). Both anxiety and depression occur more frequently in the...

How Hidden Food Sensitivities Can Hinder Weight Loss

How Hidden Food Sensitivities Can Hinder Weight Loss

Is there anything more frustrating than eating a healthy diet and exercising daily only to have the scale read the same number again and again?  Commence the smashing of scales. I’ve been there, when you feel completely defeated, you are trying to do everything right...

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