This is our "Declaration of Transformation" - Brigitte Factor This is our "Declaration of Transformation" - Brigitte Factor

Four Middle age women open arms outdoors

We are a fellowship of females, with a collective passion and determination to lift our voice and say…

 “It’s time for a wellness revolution.” 

An organized movement willing to step out and make a difference, we bring a message of hope and transformation. Together we speak out against the destruction of our health and humanity.

We live, work, play, cry, sweat and bleed for our loved ones. We edify our family with truth and love. We nourish ourselves with real food; food that was raised in harmony with nature, food that once had life, to pass onto us. We don’t feel guilty about what we eat or how we look. We are magnificently made in an image of love.

We are gracious, humble, confident and strong, sharing each other’s burdens. We persevere in times of trouble, and rejoice in our struggles.  We celebrate our victories knowing in the midst of battle we have already won. We extend our faith to the unbelievers and grace to the undeserving. We reach out our hands to lift each other up. We rise to our calling, a life beyond ourselves; a momentary existence with everlasting consequences. Our life is real, genuine, honorable and natural; a supernatural life with ephemeral presence.

We are from both heaven and earth, honoring our creator and his creation. Our bodies are sacred, our minds are renewed and our spirits are free. We are like the One who guides us, both righteous and revolutionary; holding only one rule above all others, and that is LOVE. Our love is pure, selfless, shameless, messy, and authentic; a sacrificial love with eternal rewards.

We are not stuck in the prehistoric past or yearning for a transcendent utopia.  We are in the right here and right now bringing about a radical shift in the way we eat, live and love. We are ready to overthrow the dysfunctional precedent and bring in a brand new way of living. The change starts with us and reaches out to our family, friends, neighbors and community. We are bringing the message of

Real Food, Real Love and Real Life.

Join the wellness revolution.  Make your declaration by leaving a comment below.

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