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I truly believe you can feel better

For over 12 years I’ve used my expertise in functional nutrition and my own experience of healing IBS to help hundreds of clients like you. Your body already knows how to heal, it just needs to be nourished and supported to do so. 

Are you tired of your symptoms being dismissed?

Are you fed up with prescriptions and protocols that aren’t working?

Functional Nutritional Therapy is a personalized, evidence-based approach to using food as medicine.

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I uncover the root causes and the hidden stressors that contribute to dysfunction and disease. I help you build highly customized and effective protocols that facilitate true healing. I guide you through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes. I excel at breaking down complex problems in an understandable way. Through my extensive one-on-one work with clients, I notice patterns of what works and what doesn’t work. I recognize that each person’s unique personality plays a role in their healing journey.

I see your health struggles uniquely


Whether you're ready to get to the root of your digestive problems or want improve your metabolism and lose weight. There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition plan or magic pill to solve your problems. I can put together a custom program just for you. Request a free 30-minute clarity call to learn how.

Many of my clients have struggled with their symptoms for years: Gas, bloating, brain fog, constipation, anxiety, weight gain, inflammation and more. They’ve seen multiple doctors but never felt like they were listened to, or that there was hope to feel better outside of a prescription. They’ve even seen holistic doctors and felt overwhelmed by dietary restrictions and supplement recommendations. 

Many of my clients are excellent researchers and passionate about finding answers for their own struggles. Food as medicine is obviously a main tenant of my belief system, but I’m the first to admit that the information gets complicated. When you are already feeling terrible, it can be frustrating to wade through information about lectins, carbohydrates, prebiotics, gluten, fermentation, micronutrients and figure out what applies to your body and your specific symptoms. 

Functional nutritional therapy is more than …
  • just ‘eat this, not that.’
  • a long list of supplements.
  • a 21-day detox diet.

I believe our bodies are designed by the Creator to be healthy. For this, all of our systems need to be operating in balance and harmony – everything needs to be functioning properly. 

We start with the foundations of food, digestion, hydration, blood sugar regulation, sleep, stress management, and movement. We then build effective protocols on that foundation. 

I’m there with you, every step of the way. 

We test. We don’t guess.

We understand that your symptoms, your diet, and your lifestyle are uniquely yours! 

In fact, we celebrate that. 


Wow! I can not say enough great things about my journey to good gut health and overall knowledge.  Brigitte was wonderful to work with and was very thorough with questions and testing that needed to be done to get the answers I needed.  She is knowledgeable and reached out multiple times throughout the process to touch base and see if I needed anything.  I am happy to report that I have made huge gains as far as my gut health and I will continue to use her in the future for not only mine but also my family's needs.

Lauren B.

You Can Get The Results You Want

You Can Feel Better

Have More Energy

Stable Blood Sugars

Less Inflammation

You Can Eat Better

Have Better Digestion

Less Gas and Bloating

Regular Bowel Movements

You Can Think Better

Have Better Focus

Less Anxiety

No More Brain Fog

With the right roadmap – vibrant health is possible!

Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you get gas or bloating after eating certain foods?
  • Do you often feel tired or sluggish mid-afternoon?
  • Do you often eat or crave foods like pasta, chips, and sweets?
  • Is losing weight difficult, while gaining weight seems unavoidable?
  • Do you have trouble remembering things or concentrating?
  • Due to family history, do you believe you're at a higher risk for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or autoimmune disease?
  • Have you taken tests only to be told “Everything’s OK,” but you still feel lousy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely your health can be substantially improved by making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle choices. Over and over again, my clients describe me as knowledgeable and thorough. They often report that “the whole family has benefited” from what they’ve learned. I take pride in creating sustainable change for my clients and their families.

Brigitte is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field. I believe she really cares for her clients. She worked with me on a food and supplement plan tailored to my needs. This has been extremely helpful in eliminating some bad bloating issues.  A huge relief

Steve S.

Unsure if my services are the right fit for you?

Adding someone to your healthcare team is an important decision. This is why I offer a FREE Clarity Call to any prospective new client. There is absolutely no charge and no obligation to continue to book an appointment.

My 3-Step Process For New Clients


1. Free Clarity Call

Request a free 30-minute phone call to find out how functional nutrition can help you and feel confident about your decision to move forward.
(FREE with no obligation)

2. New Client Consultation

Book a 90-minute initial consultation for a full case review. Get a personalized wellness roadmap so you know exactly what steps to take to feel better.
($399 for 90-minute consultation)

3. Functional Nutrition Program

Enroll in a functional nutrition program for expert guidance and 24/7 support to help implement your plan and achieve your health goals.
(Programs starting at $400)

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