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GOAL: My basic goal is to encourage people to become knowledgeable about and responsible for their own health, and to bring it to a personal optimum level. Nutritional Therapy is designed to improve your health, but is not designed to treat any specific disease or medical condition. Reaching the goal of optimum health, absent other non‐nutritional complicating factors, requires a sincere commitment from you, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude. A Nutritional Therapist is trained to evaluate your nutritional needs and make recommendations of dietary change and nutritional supplements. A Nutritional Therapist is not the same as a Registered Dietician and is not trained to provide medical diagnoses, and no comment or recommendation should be construed as being a medical diagnosis. Since every human being is unique, I cannot guarantee any specific result from my programs.

HEALTH CONCERNS: If you suffer from a medical or pathological condition, you need to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider. A Nutritional Therapist is not a substitute for your family physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. A Nutritional Therapist is not trained nor licensed to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illnesses, injuries, or diseases.
If you are under the care of another healthcare provider, it is important that you contact your other healthcare providers and alert them to your use of nutritional supplements. Nutritional therapy may be a beneficial adjunct to more traditional care, and it may also alter your need for medication, so it is important you always keep your physician informed of changes in your nutritional program.
If you are using medications of any kind, you are required to alert the Nutritional Therapist to such use, as well as to discuss any potential interactions between medications and nutritional products with your pharmacist. If you have any physical or emotional reaction to nutritional supplements, discontinue their use immediately, and contact your Nutritional Therapist to ascertain if the reaction is adverse or an indication of the natural course of the body’s adjustment to the therapy.

LABORATORY TESTING: Functional lab testing is recommended on an as-needed basis to determine areas of dysfunction. Lab tests are not used for diagnosis or treatment. Lab testing can assist in revealing nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances. Test results are used to guide healing protocols to restore optimal function.

COMMUNICATION: Every client is an individual, and it is not possible to determine in advance how your system will react to the supplements you need. It is sometimes necessary to adjust your program as we proceed until your body can begin to properly accept products geared to correct the imbalance. It is your responsibility to do your part by using your nutrition guidelines, exercise your body and mind sufficiently to bring your emotions into a positive balance, eat a proper diet, get plenty of rest, and learn about nutrition. You must stay in contact with me so we can let you know what is happening and the best course of action.
You should request your other healthcare provider, if any, to feel free to contact me for answers to any questions they may have regarding nutritional therapy.

LICENSURE: A Nutritional Therapist is different than a dietician and is not licensed or certified by any state. However, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™ is trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.® which provides a certificate of completion to students who have successfully met all course requirements, including a written and practical exam. A license to practice Nutritional Therapy is not required in some states. Laws and regulations regarding certification and licensure requirements differ from state to state.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: The Client acknowledges that the Client takes full responsibility for the Client’s life and well‐being, as well as the lives and well‐being of the Client’s family and children (where applicable), and all decisions made during and after this program.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Client acknowledges the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner will keep all information exchanged during the program sessions in strict confidentiality. Additionally, the Client is aware that the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is prohibited from disclosing protected healthcare information, except upon written authorization by the Client.

SCHEDULING: I understand that my clients have busy schedules and I take pride in not keeping them waiting or keeping them longer than planned. Each session will begin and end on time. If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, you must do so 24 hours in advance; otherwise, you will forfeit that appointment and will not have an opportunity to reschedule it.

PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS:  Under no circumstances will any payments made by the Client be refunded. The Client may choose to withdraw from the program at any time but will not be reimbursed for any unused sessions. Laboratory and supplement fees are not included in the cost of this program and must be paid for separately. All packages and programs expire after 180 days of purchase date.

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