Episode 17 - Connection, Healing and Human Design with Heather Fischer-Page - Brigitte Factor Episode 17 - Connection, Healing and Human Design with Heather Fischer-Page - Brigitte Factor

Special guest Heather Fischer-Page joins the podcast to discuss her healing journey overcoming chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. She shares the many alternative healing modalities that has made a positive difference in her life. We discuss the healing systems she brings to her work and her newest endeavor Quantum Human Design.  She is founder of Integra Holistic Wellness and the Integra Podcast. You can find her on Instagram @integraholisticwellness and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/integraholisticwellness. She can also be reached at support@integraholisticwellness.com.

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Episode 17 Transcript

Brigitte Factor 0:13 Hello and welcome to the hungry for truth podcast. I'm your host, Brigitte Factor with truth seeker, researcher, scientists, nutritionist teacher in truth teller, and awakening is coming. Get ready for it.

Welcome back to the hungry for truth podcast. Today I get the privilege to have as a guest, a friend and colleague, Heather Fisher Paige, this is going to be an enlightening conversation. So let me introduce her. Heather began her health journey early on in her life, combining different healing modalities and weaving them into her daily practices as a young adult. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia at the age of 41. She dug deeper into the root causes, and with the help of several holistically minded practitioners, she was able to reverse the effects and live a more vibrant life. Seeing the power of an integration of many modalities, she sought out her own educational path and became a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, and certified food and spirit practitioner, combining the functional and spiritual sides of holistic health. As Heather evolved within herself, so did her pursuit of higher knowledge. From a mind body spirit and sole purpose perspective. She, where she pursued more knowledge around Human Design and quantum Human Design, as well as other modalities. This integrated approach birthed Integra holistic wellness, where Heather combines her wisdom, intuition and knowledge to offer clients a four pillar approach to vibrant health and wholeness. She truly believes that we all have the innate intelligence to help ourselves. We just have to tap into the source. And Heather gives her clients the space guidance and mentoring to achieve a more richer and fuller life, mind, body, spirit and soul. Welcome Heather to the podcast. Thank you for being here.

Heather Fischer-Page 2:32 Hi, Brigitte. Thanks for having me. Yeah.

Brigitte Factor 2:36 Absolutely. So I thought it'd be fun to just share a little bit about how we met. You know, we came to know each other through the functional nutritional therapy practitioner that that training program, the nta. And then we actually met in person A few years ago, when we started advocating to get law changed in Missouri. So that has been a really fun ride to go on.

Heather Fischer-Page 3:04 Yes, and we got to spend some time in Jeff city together.

Brigitte Factor 3:07 Yes, yes. Lots of ups and downs and getting to know each other. And yeah, I'm really thankful for that. That piece bringing us together and getting to know each other for sure. So I thought it would be good to just kind of tell us a little bit more about your journey, how you got interested in nutrition, and that kind of thing?

Heather Fischer-Page 3:32 Um, yeah, so I mean, it really has been kind of a lifelong journey. I was always ill as a child, um, and, you know, ear infections, bladder infections, you know, just all these things that caused me to be just not my whole self, all of the time. And so really, from an early age, I really tried tried to figure out what was going on. And it's so funny because as a kid in our household, we had Grey's Anatomy, the Grey's Anatomy book and the Merck manual. So anytime I had a medication I had to had, I would look up the side effects. I mean, it was just I had this deep knowledge already, you know, or deep one team for knowledge already, you know, and I would just cruise through the the Grey's Anatomy just really taken it all in. So I think that's kind of when it all started. And yeah, and also knowing that, you know, it, I didn't feel good and I knew I could feel better, even as a as a kid. So that's really where it started. And I continued, you know, working with my diet and seeing what was working from just my own standpoint, you know, in my 20s And you know, try many many different things as we all do, we all experiment with what works. But I think really the biggest catalyst and I remember in my 30s my dad getting me the Prescription For Nutritional Healing book this was before NTA or anything because I did want that deeper knowledge of what was going on and had, you know, books on TCM and Ayurveda and you know, the Taoist approach. So, and these all came from people, you know, that came came across my path. So, I've always, I think wanted to understand it from a deeper place. And I did energy healing work with practitioners, starting in my 20s, I had an amazing body worker and therapist who would help release emotions while she worked on the body. And it was incredible. So I had that I was able to get like this really holistic view and experience of how all this could work together in tandem. So, yeah.

Brigitte Factor 6:13 That's really fascinating. And I want to spend some time talking about all these different modalities that you use and how you bring them together because I think that's what's really unique about what you bring to the world. And I know one of your giftings is that you're a great chef, you're very creative in the kitchen. And I love all your pictures on social media about the beautiful pics you take you looked at it and it makes you want to do it too. So well, how people can can check out those pictures for sure, on social media, but I kind of wanted you to talk about how the how food and spirit go together How is food nourish you both physically and spiritually.

Heather Fischer-Page 6:19 It, you know, when when you're eating, what is right for your body that using that innate wisdom. I just feel like it allows you to connect even better, you know, it allows you as we you know, as we know, that gut brain connection is such a huge one. You know, and beyond that brain and through the third eye and the crown chakra, you know, if you have any interference from things, you're not going to have that connection as much as you could. And I mean, there's other things that go into it. But I've really found that food has been a key piece to my own, helping me manage my own anxiety. Being an intuitive being, you know, an empath, it's really helped me when I'm eating cleanly. And cleanly, of course, is a broad term, but when I am eating what is right, for my own bio individual type, I noticed that my connections are much clearer. And I can really see how much more grounded I am. And, and able to connect.

Brigitte Factor 8:10 Yeah, I sensed that too. I had noticed that in my own journey where, you know, cleaning up my diet, reducing inflammation in my body, all of a sudden, I felt more connected. You know, I felt like I had a clear connection to God, I felt like I had more connection to those around me. And it was really fascinating to get that sense. And you know, some of it can be just like you mentioned the gut brain connection and your everything's working better on a physical level. But I truly believe too, that there is a spiritual aspect of that as well. Which kind of gets us into the energy side of things. And I know a lot of people you know, have questions about that. How could like how do you explain what energy healing is to people?

Heather Fischer-Page 8:57 Oh, um, it really, you know, there's all different types of energy healing work and modalities that people will use. And there's Reiki and I do what is considered really kind of spiritual healing work I use the Barbara Brennan Hands of Light is the method that I'm being taught. And so it really is it's, there's always a connection to source, God, however you put it. I am when I am working with someone I am working for their highest and best good and I always ask for that from God and source when I am bringing you through the information that I need. So it's really me, I'm connecting in with that consciousness that we all have. And we all have that connection to source and it's me connecting in and allowing and kind of stepping a little bit out of the way and allowing it to come through me to help my client if that makes sense. So yeah so it's really I'm connecting in and allowing information to be told to me information about what and where I need to work on the body and really seeing and hearing. I'm clairaudience clairsentience so I hear, feel, sometimes I'll get a song in my head when I'm working with a client which is so funny. I was working on somebody and their ileocecal valve was hot and I heard Ring of Fire the song from oh my gosh, I can't even remember the band but it's so funny it's weird. But it's I do I just get these, I'll get information and you know, we all have guides who are there for our higher selves. And we and God and the angels I connect very much to the angels and so all of those higher self higher beings are there to connect with you and as the client and with me to do what is in your highest and best good and help you on your healing journey. So I hope that explains it well.

Brigitte Factor 11:42 Yeah, yeah, it's just fascinating because you definitely have an intuitive gift for sure. And and being able to sense that in being you know, I've had the privilege of having a session with you and just experiencing that and you know, going into not knowing how it was gonna go and being unsure but it was it was actually really cool to go through that process and, and have those releases happen. So how did you come into this type of work?

Heather Fischer-Page 12:22 Well, it's Yeah, it's, I think it probably started when I was in my late 20s I was doing a lot of when i was connected with the therapist who did the body work along with the therapy, she introduced me to a lot of like channelers and and people who were in that realm of working and so I learned it, to that plus I had been reading you know, books on Ayurveda and Doaist. I mean, I always had a thirst for this knowledge. I remember going to Aquarius, it's in Kansas City, and finding all these books that I was like, Oh, this makes sense to me. Oh, yeah. You know, books on auras ,books on you know, helping you learn clairaudience, you know, and really well and just kind of upping those gifts. And so I think that's when it started. My first energy healing was probably Yeah, in my late 20s and my dad's wife was doing energy work and they gifted me a session and I was really blown away with it. And so you know, I I started getting healings from different people in the community because she was in school. And so I was a good guinea pig. Um, and I remember going to a session when I was pregnant with my first daughter and she connected in to my daughter and she was able to give me information on what the birth would be like and all these things and not to be concerned because her Apgar score scores were going to be a little off you know, and, but that they would come You know, come up. And I was just blown away once I birthed Mia and I was hooked. I mean, and I know I knew how I felt when I would come out of the session, you know, and I just felt so much better and so much lighter. But that kind of blew me away. You know, seeing that and and trusting you know, knowing that this information is coming from source, God, the universe. However we approach it, and you know, knowing and seeing that and knowing that interesting that yes, her scores did look a little weird. And it was just because I was on magnesium sulfate for preeclampsia. So yeah, so yeah, everybody's Apgar scores would be off the moms on that.

Brigitte Factor 15:28 Yeah, but that's that's fascinating how that intuition came through and you have that experience which is really cool because I think it does come about come down to trusting your own experience, what what you what it what it means for you what it is for you. Because it can be a little different for everybody, right?

Heather Fischer-Page 15:54 Oh, yeah, it is.

Brigitte Factor 15:58 I would kind of want to talk about, you know, the past year and a half has been crazy for a lot of people and we've all gone through through our own transformation. Talk about how the transformation that brought you to creating Integra Holistic Wellness.

Heather Fischer-Page 16:16 Yeah, so yeah, 18 months ago, or whenever, you know, almost. Gosh, yeah, 18 months ago, when everything kind of shut down. Everything kind of shut down for me too. I didn't see I wasn't having clients, I was working on a cookbook. And my kids came home because we were we were schooling from home and my internet would not support me working on the cookbook with the design program. And for me, I need to work when I need to work you know, I kind of have a flow and it doesn't look like a scheduled flow, it's when I work I work and that wasn't fitting together. So finally, I just had to kind of let go of everything and trust that everything was going to work out. And so I started really getting into the Human Design, I had already been studying it but I joined the human design community, quantum human design community, started taking classes. Within that was the quantum alignment system, which is about doing your work, your inner work, and took some of the classes through that, and worked on my self worth and my what are called the resiliency keys. And, and also join the community so that I could ask questions about, okay, I'm feeling stuck here, you know, where you know, what's going on, you know, around Human Design, or is this something within my own body graph that might be part of it and within that quantum alignment system. They use EFT which I have used, Emotional Freedom Technique with practitioners for years, and being able to work on it. So pinpointed with in whatever the piece was, was really incredibly helpful. But then I was in a forum one night, and I was talking with the mentor, creator of the Quantum Human Design System. And I was asking questions because I, you know, I felt that need since I was, you know, a kid, um, as far as healing work goes, because I was like, I know I'm hearing stuff, but I know that, you know, these things are coming through and I know I can feel my hands buzz and all these things. And she pin pointedly said, “Heather, you're a healer, start praying with your feet.” And that moment, really kind of clicked with just one of those little things that really clicked it all into place. And allowing me to validate what I was feeling when I was a kid. Validating you know, stuff that kind of had gotten pushed aside when I was a kid, because my parents didn't understand it. And so I was able to start on that journey. And so then I became, I started working on becoming a Quantum Human Design Specialist. Doing Human Design, traditional Human Design and Quantum Human Design. It's just updated language and more evolved transformative language around the Human Design System. But and then

Brigitte Factor 19:54 Explain a little bit about what human design is for those that don't know.

Heather Fischer-Page 19:59 Yeah, so we have astrology. And we have a lot of different divination techniques that people use. And for a lot of people astrology is a little too kind of out there for them. What Human Design does, it's really this practical system that takes into account it was it was downloaded by Rob Uru Hu in 1987, I believe, but the system is a combination of the chakra system, more of the Hindu chakra system that uses nine chakra points, nine chakra centers and then teaching the Kabbalah, as well as quantum physics. And now I know those all don't say and astrology and that might not sound practical, but it becomes a practical system. And what and it is, it takes your like astrology, takes your birth time, your birth place and your birthday into account. And, and brings together this information that kind of helps you find your way of being in the world. And there's five types, but within those five types, there's, there's five strategies. But within those five strategies, there's these this authority that tells you really how to make decisions and how to create in the world and be in the world. And it really, for me, it came in a really good time, because it was kind of that game changer when like, Oh wow, I've been pushing through stuff and I'm trying to be this one sort of type, when I'm really the one who's supposed to sit back and be patient and allow myself to respond to things instead of you know, driving through the tunnel head on without the lights on. And so it's, it's been really helpful for me to have that system available to me and see, you know, where my sticking points might be in my life and really find those little things, those little nuances that have helped tweak me into a better path, I guess, you know, and way and connections. So it's just incredible. And I really love the spiritual side of it. And you know, of course the spiritual side, but it really is a practical tool that can be used and getting to work with people on that has been it's just it's very enlightening.

Brigitte Factor 22:48 Yeah, it sounds like it's taking a lot of different types of wisdom that we have access to and from different levels and bringing it together for people. You know, yeah, it's something a lot deeper than just a personality test, let's say but, you know, taking in the spiritual aspect as well. And helping people see who they truly are and how they're gonna work function best is what it sounds like.

Heather Fischer-Page 23:16 Yeah, and their connection to God, spirit, source. It's really interesting because you see how it weaves throughout the, the person's chart, you know, a certain gateway, you know, is your connection to God. And do you trust that connection? Do you trust and it's it's really it's really interesting. I just I love it.

Brigitte Factor 23:44 Yeah, it sounds very fascinating. And so so you're learning this process and you you're wanting to bring it into the world with everything else that that you have and, and you created Integra? Right. Um, so you've mentioned how in, your bio mentioned having a four pillar approach with how you work with clients? Can you kind of expand on that?

Heather Fischer-Page 24:07 Yeah, so you know, holistic wellness, as we know, really does have so many parts to it. And if one of those parts is kind of out of balance, then we aren't going to be able to stay in with the our true alignment and our true pass. So I really work with people from those four pillars. So from our mind, where we have productive thoughts and emotions, or we might not. Our body, where function and vitality is improved or inhibited by our choices that we make in food and movement. Our spirit that's given the opportunity to ground, connect and align with something greater than ourselves or, we may not. And then, our soul that craves the path to true purpose. So taking those four, that four pillared approach really allows the client or the person I'm working with to connect in, and make sure that everything's in balance. Now, even somebody can have their diet spot on and but maybe they're the job they're in isn't fulfilling them. And that I'm not saying that you need to quit your job, you know, tomorrow, but maybe there's something deeper out there, you know, that they could be doing as part of their job, you know, as a second job or a vocation outside of their job. And really helping people connect into that souls path, making sure you know, they're doing their mindfulness work, or their journaling, or whatever works best for them. Maybe they're overthinking and helping them kind of connect into that. Also, you know, finding that connection with God's Spirit source and allowing ourselves to to put it out there and then let go of it and trust so I think it's all important that all all those parts are really important to our overall well being.

Brigitte Factor 26:24 Yeah, absolutely. I love that it's a truly holistic approach and working with people. So what kind of benefits or changes have you seen in other people doing this type of work?

Heather Fischer-Page 26:38 Um, just more aligned with each day living in the present and being more grounded in what they are doing. Really Yeah, connecting in you know, we have our good and bad days. But knowing that it's, it's, we have a place we can come back to a place of alignment that we can come back to is so important.

Brigitte Factor 27:08 Yeah, absolutely. I love that sense of coming back to who we are, we can always come back to that. And the peace that that brings.

Heather Fischer-Page 27:18 Yeah, yes. When we're born we're here we come in with this purpose. And we kind of forget it, and I mean, what our lives are all about is coming back to that and exploring and moving through the the pieces, and moving past the obstacles or, or things to allow ourselves to be more clear on who we truly are.

Brigitte Factor 27:46 Yeah, yeah. I love it. So as part of your kind of transformation and rebranding, you started a podcast as well. So tell us about that.

Heather Fischer-Page 27:59 Well, yeah, that's it's really fun. Um, it's the Integra podcast. And it's all things wisdom, wellness, and woo. So the kind of things we talk about everything from, I've had a guest on, our friend Brandy Hickman came on and she did kitchen therapy. We've talked about that's coming up tomorrow will be on life purpose. And it's really a beautiful story about somebody from my spiritual community and where she was like, she hit rock bottom, and she was in her early 50s. And really found that authentic voice of her own and how she does it, and now she is an author, a speaker. She gives these amazing workshops on how to connect into your life purpose. And that doesn't mean just your job, your vocation, but really connecting into who you truly are. And allowing yourself to be vulnerable. To you know, a session with someone who channeled Metatron, you know, an archangel. So it's, it's, it's interesting, it's really fun, and I enjoy you know, talking with everybody. We had one on eating emotions. So it's, I love being able to bring the wellness community to people just like you are and allowing people to get a taste of whatever resonates with them.

Brigitte Factor 29:39 Yeah, absolutely. I love the variety that you bring in, letting people tell their story. I think that's really connecting and people can resonate with that and like you said, letting other people know what's possible, what's out there, what they, you know, whether it's finding what they connect with and exploring those different opportunities so that they can live their most vibrant life for sure. Yes, yeah. So how can our listeners get in touch with you or follow you if they want?

Heather Fischer-Page 30:16 Well I'm on Facebook and Instagram at Integra Holistic Wellness. I am available. I have a an email support at Integraholisticwellness.com. Working on the website that's still coming together. My Healthy Decadence NTP website is still up if people want some recipes, because those will be coming down in about two weeks. Um, and how else… Well, the Integra podcast, or on Spotify, Apple, as well as I do everything through Podserve so you can always connect in that way. Yeah, that's, yeah.

Brigitte Factor 31:05 That sounds great. I'll post some links to your Instagram and Facebook and podcasts for people to check out. I think they'll really enjoy that. Well, this has been a wonderful conversation. I've had a lot of fun learning more about what you do, and especially the Quantum Human Design piece. I think that's fascinating. So thank you so much for for being a part and until next time, Grace and peace to you.

Heather Fischer-Page 31:34 Oh, I love that. Thank you for having me.

Brigitte Factor 31:37 Yeah. Thank you, Heather.

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